Machine Roomless Elevators are a suitable solution especially for passenger terminals, multi-storey stores, shopping centers and educational, cultural and health institutions. Since there is no need for a machine room; It increases the revenue generating building area and also adds additional value to the energy efficiency of the system by reducing the operating cost. In addition, designers and architects are also very pleased with the ease of their work thanks to the absence of a machine room and flexible decoration possibilities.

In Machine Roomless Elevators, besides the energy saving up to 40% compared to conventional motors, wear is extremely low due to the absence of a gear box. The oil-free system completely eliminates the danger of environmental pollution and fire.

Machine Roomless Elevator is an elevator type with a carrying capacity ranging from 320 kg to 10,000 kg, which is used for the purpose of carrying vehicles and cargo in the most crowded points of the city such as car parks, hospitals, business centers and shopping malls.


Machine Roomless Elevator has a speed range that can rise from 0.63 m/s to 2.5 m/s depending on the height of the load to be transported and the load carrying capacity. In addition, there are vehicle elevator productions according to different capacities and speeds.