Meal (Moncharge) Elevators, for use in restaurants, cafeterias, warehouses, offices, hotels, homes, health institutions and laboratories, jewelers and similar places, for transporting food, carrying documents, transporting small sized goods. are the small size elevator systems used. According to the need and use; It can be hydraulic and drum type.

Meal (Moncharge) Elevators are, in principle, a miniaturized version of a human elevator. Doors can be used as guillotine type or classical impact type.

In accordance with the demand in the elevator and the elevator shaft;

• Guillotine type or manual type landing door options, • Imported or domestic machine engine options,
• Single speed or double speed options,

• Simple control, ability to send from floor to floor,
• Fully electronic microprocessor controlled control panel,
• Cabinet, electrostatic painted or satined stainless sheet covered wall features can be selected,
• Hygienic In service elevators where conditions must be observed, stainless steel cabin linings and antibacterial floor materials are selected.

Meal (Moncharge) Elevators have different carrying capacities from 50 kg to 500 kg. Considering the building needs, there are Food (Monsharge) Elevators productions according to different capacities and speeds.