Hydraulic Elevators are suitable for use as passenger and freight elevators in low-rise buildings. Hydraulic Elevators are a system that has the technique of transferring the mechanical energy required for movement with the help of liquids.

Hydraulic Elevators are suitable solutions for places with low traffic and where engine rooms cannot be built on the upper floors. In addition, low maintenance costs, flexibility in building design, high safety, easy and economical installation, etc. It has superior advantages such as

Hydraulic Elevator; It is an elevator type with a carrying capacity ranging from 320 kg to 10,000 kg on average, by making volume and kg calculations according to the purpose of use.

Hydraulic Lifts; It has a speed range that increases from 0.25 m/sec to 1 m/sec depending on the height and load carrying capacity of the place to be manufactured. Considering the building traffic calculations and needs, there are elevator productions according to different capacities and speeds.