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People Elevator

The Private Elevator is manufactured in order to ensure that the maximum number of people is transported between floors in the shortest time possible with vertical transportation.

Hospital Elevator

Hospital (Stretcher) Elevator; It is manufactured with the aim of ensuring the transportation of the medical aid team, patient bed and medical supplies between floors as soon as possible.

Freight Elevator

In freight elevators, the goods or material carrying capacity of the elevator is more important than comfort and speed. Mostly, in buildings such as warehouses, shopping malls, factories where cargo transportation is intense.

Food Elevator

Dining (Monsharj) Elevators are small-sized elevator systems used in restaurants, cafeterias, warehouses, offices, hotels, homes, health institutions and laboratories, jewelers and similar places, to be used in jobs such as transporting food, carrying documents, transporting small-sized goods. According to the need and use; It can be hydraulic and drum type.

Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic Elevators are suitable for use as passenger and freight elevators in low-rise buildings. Hydraulic Elevators are a system that has the technique of transferring the mechanical energy required for movement with the help of liquids.

Disabled lift

In accordance with EN 81-70 “Accessibility for Passenger Elevators, Including the Disabled” standard, Disabled Elevator and Stair Elevator; It is manufactured for the disabled, elderly and wheelchair users who have difficulties in participating in social life due to environmental factors.

Machine Roomless Elevator

Machine Roomless Elevators are a suitable solution especially for passenger terminals, multi-storey stores, shopping centers and educational, cultural and health institutions.

Mall Panoramic Elevator

Mall & Panoramic Elevator; It is used for the purpose of transporting people in places where elegance, aesthetics and appearance are desired, such as shopping malls, airports, hotels.

Car Lift

Today, the lack of sufficient parking space as a result of unplanned urbanization has necessitated the use of buildings more effectively and efficiently.