BAY Elevator Engineering is among the best elevator companies in the industry, which fulfills the commitments it has made in all the projects it has worked for, always keeps the quality standard high, follows the developing technology closely every day, and develops itself in every aspect to provide the highest quality and uninterrupted service to its customers. has taken its place.

It has been our principle to prioritize customer satisfaction in all kinds of elevator assembly, revision and maintenance issues with our trained personnel, expert engineers, long years of knowledge, professional experience and quality and modern service understanding.

BAY Elevator Engineering has manufactured and assembled hundreds of elevators in mass housing, hospitals, schools, hotels and residences in various parts of our country. We are proud of these elevators, which have been in service for years without any problems.

The continuity of our service, the up-to-dateness of our policy and customer satisfaction are among our main goals, and we see it as our motto, together with all our employees, to always take our quality system forward, to continuously improve and to reach our quality targets on time...