Mall & Panoramic Elevator; It is used for transporting people in places such as shopping malls, airports, hotels, where it is desired to look stylish, aesthetic and beautiful.

It is the most aesthetic one among the elevator types, it adds value to the space and aesthetics to the appearance. It removes the elevators from being a boring and closed box and provides a comfortable, beautiful transportation view that is spacious, bright and sees the place from above. This modern elevator technology has accelerated the trend towards panoramic elevators. Shopping centers are the building investments where panoramic elevators are preferred the most. And when its location in the building is well planned; They also increase their business volume in hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers.

AVM & Panoramic Elevator is an elevator type with an average carrying capacity of between 320 kg and 10,000 kg.

The Mall & Panoramic Elevator has a speed range ranging from 0.63 m/sec to 2.5 m/sec. Considering the building traffic calculations and needs, we have productions according to different capacities and speeds.