For the elevator system planned to be installed in a building; first of all, there is a condition that the legal regulations of that elevator must be complied with. Building owner, contractor or architects etc. these regulations. people may not know. It is necessary to learn the content and conditions of this legislation from experienced and knowledgeable companies that have the qualification of elevator consultancy, and to have the appropriate project design done. Thus, you will have your system, which is of primary importance for human life, duly built.

In line with the accumulation of our long years of experience in the sector, starting from the architectural projects of the buildings, including the common projects and technical specifications to be requested for elevators and escalators, these systems are defined and controlled within the framework of regulations at all stages, making them safer, economical, comfortable, aesthetic, high efficient solutions are offered by our company's expert engineers.

If you choose to work with us after the design process, after a more comprehensive project design, your facility's needs will be completed and delivered by our expert technicians and installers as soon as possible in accordance with CE norms and under warranty.