According to EN 81-70 “Accessibility for Passenger Elevators, Including the Disabled” standard, Disabled Elevator and Stair Elevator; It is manufactured for the disabled, elderly and wheelchair users who have difficulties in participating in social life due to environmental factors.

Disabled Elevator; It consists of three different models. These are:
1. Disabled Elevator Stair Model:
With stair lifts, you will protect your independence and move on your own in the environment you are used to without needing the help of other people.

2nd Handicapped Elevator Home Model:

Our home is where we spend the most time, and everyone has the right to live an unhindered, comfortable and comfortable life in this area. This elevator model guarantees you the comfort you are looking for in your home.

3. Disabled Elevator Platform Model:

Participating in social life is a fundamental right. Providing access to everywhere will now be much simpler with our platform type elevators.